4 Key Advantages of SAFe Agilist Certification

Certification Helps

Certification does help you to showcase your talent. Though getting certified does not make you an expert, it lays a baseline that you are aware about the concepts and what it takes to scale agile in large and complex organizations. Believe me.. It matters! It matters a lot for your prospective employers!!

Practical application

By getting trained by an SPC gets you access to immediate knowledge on the current industry trends and issues faced in it. Since only like minded people will attend the training, you get to hear different perspectives of problems faced in large organizations and how they tackle them in day to day basis. In addition to the excellent course content, you have the opportunity to learn from peer executives, managers and agile consultants.

Life Long Journey

The Leading Scaled Agile Framework course is your first step in your Agile journey. It is definitely not an end. The certification helps you to kick start your journey while getting to know peers in the industry. There is definitely help available from agile community all through your journey. By being active in the community, you can get any help you want.

Access to Content

Post certification – all trainees are provided with Scaled Agile Content Kit which itself is a gold reservoir for your Agile knowledge. But they don’t stop there. You get all the content updates based on industry trends and changes in training content. You can get access to SA branding kit to make you stand out in the crowd. You also get included in the closed Scaled Agile community in LinkedIn. Be listed in SA directory if you wish to be accessible by employers.

Get Ready & Take Action ! Get Certified !!

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