The Ins and Outs of Scrum – Fundamentals, Roles & Artifacts

Scrum is the most popular and most wide spread Agile method in the world. Scrum, around since 1993, is an “agile framework for completing complex projects”. There are many parts to Scrum that make it a highly effective method for learning and delivering value. But what concepts are clearly within Scrum and what things have been added onto Scrum? Here is my list. Within Scrum Concepts 1. Fundamentals Scrum grew out of two main concepts that gave it a strong foundation for its growth. Inspect & Adapt Scrum focuses on completing a small advancement in development, looking back and reviewing...

Meaningful Sprint Retrospective Questions You Should Ask Your Team

In this article we will walk you through the Sprint Retrospective Questions (specific to the questions you can ask in retrospective). The questions, given here can have many possible answers. Try to choose the questions relevant to your project and collect response from your entire team individually in a collective manner to understand and implement better in the upcoming Sprints. (more…)

Definition of Done : Definition, Examples and How It Affects Agile Projects

Definition of Done (DoD) – Definition Definition of done is the key to an effectively performing Scrum team. The Definition of Done and user acceptance criteria (functional acceptance) are orthogonal for a feature. It is a complete checklist of value added and essential activities that emphasize the worth of a feature and not the performance of that feature. Definition of done is well-versed by reality where it captures activities that can be committed by the team to be completed at each level (feature, sprint, release). (more…)

Important Roles of Product Manager in Agile Software Development

Product Manager in Agile Development – By Definition You may be wondering, why a definition about the Product manager is required? As everyone is aware of the same. It looks like I am teasing you with this definition. Trust me the intention is not to tease you but to make you understand that, in what way a “Product Manager” (PM) comes into the frame of Agile development is the most perplexing features while looking at a Scrum method in Agile development. From the textbook standpoint, viewing the whole thing using that lens, it is significant to realize that Scrum was...

7 Common Mistakes That Can Damage Scrum Stand up Meetings

Scrum is such as integral part of Agile that these two terms are often used interchangeably even by the IT industry insiders. One of the most rigorously used and abused frameworks of Agile, Scrum is one of those concepts which seem easy at the first sight but come with a tricky implementation. This tricky implementation part has many a times damaged the scrum stand up meetings. The entire purpose of these daily scrum stand up meetings is to give an opportunity to all the team members to share such information with the rest of the team that they must be...